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About Us
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Our goal is to provide a selection of unique, premium quality and healthy brewing products, related brewing devices and information.

In 2002 we started to venture into the hospitality field by owning and operating a 1820 Bed & Breakfast and a Victorian European style Tearoom and Teashop. During this time it was clear the sensory desires of the human palate changed hour to hour and day to day. Tea and coffee are basic, healthy beverages (without excessive additions of sugar and flavorings). Historically in Europe, the introduction of tea was facilitated through the coffee houses. Today both are readily available and range greatly in flavor, quality and value. Based upon observations of thousands of customers, we adjusted our inventories of tea and brewing devices to those most appreciated. We have closed our hospitality operations and closed our online store. We now offer best pricing with only bulk purchases of a minimum of 1.1 lbs or 0.5 kilo. Please contact us by email to discuss the teas you would desire. We will then advise as to the current bulk purchase price.
Richard and Linda Quigley

Telephone: (781).934.9442

Mail & shipping: Quigleys - Tea
56 Depot St.#625
Historic Duxbury, MA 02331